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American Made Steel Bridges. Inc was created  to fill a void in the
 Model train industry.

We were eager to create a better alternative to the plastic bridges. 
Our bridges are fabricated out of American-made steel in America.

All of our bridges are welded steel.  Like real ones they can be
bolted together for longer and wider bridges.

We offer HO, S, O, Standard, & G Gauge bridges.

We are continually creating new products
and improving our existing line.

We now have 54 inch, 72 inch and longer bridges!! 
The change is made by stiffening the top of
the bridge.  The 36", 54 " and 72" bridges with the stiffening
straps are stronger than the 36' bridge without the straps. 
We can hold 30 + pounds  of  dead weight without deflection.

We now offer an additional service, de-burring
is available on any product.  The request must
 be made at the time of ordering.  This will be
done at the actual cost, a copy of the invoice
will by included in the order. 
We even have a draw bridge
and curved bridges!

Photos #1 & #2 Sandi and Charlie's L Bridge

Shows the newest bridge, the L Bridge that has the real Curved  Bridge!  The bridge standard size is 31" diameter for O gauge, the smallest we make.

#3 Photo
Shows the original  18" by 5"  by 6"  high steel bridge.  It is show as a part of the Vaca Bridge  in the Florida Keys.

The Bridge has Three
18 " bridges bolted together, the far right bridge does not have the top straps bolted in yet. 
The Unit is in Gray  one of our three basis colors--

Photo #4
is another use of the O bridges with  three gray Bridges

#5 Photo from Ken Z's layout
The  G/ Standard Gauge Bridge by itself.  The bridge is a G/Standard Gauge Bridge with 6 bridges bolted together.  Total length 108"

#6 Photo is a new way of bolting the bridges together.  We use a  Z Bracket that has 4 bends in two  pieces for a stronger bridge and a more realistic look!  Cost is the same for the Z brackets or an extra bridge deck

#7 Photo is a photo of the New Stainless Steel Bridges
shown on a layout in Lakeland Florida of the Wilde Family. 


#8 Photo, our new draw bridge that is motorized and has an 18" bridge that raises and lowers on Command!! 

We make larger 

draw bridges,

but they are not


Phone:863 207 2638
Fax      863 324 1276

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American Made
Steel Bridges

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