Photo #5The L Bridge, the Elevated bridge, that has CURVES.  ​ YES, we make A CURVED BRIDGE THAT WILL HANDLE  2  tracks  O Gauge or S Gauge,  3 HO Gauge tracks or a single G or Standard Gauge Track (photo 7A&B).                  (As Shown photo #5 Circle  Curves  with 12 Trestles, 6 G Decks  $520.00+S&H Cost $647.00 if purchased separately) 

Item #10057 90 degree Circle Curves only                                                                         $64.00 +S&H

          Stainless Steel                          105.00+S&H   

Item #10058 1/2 Circle Curves      $111.00+S&H

Stainless Steel                                   $180.00+S&H

​  call for Stainless Steel Painted prices

Item 10059 Trestle(6 per 180 d)   @$30.00+S&H 

Stainless Steel Trestles                 @$45.00+S&H

Full Circle      Painted                       $222.00+S&H

      Stainless Steel                             $290.00 +S&H

Item # 10053 G Gauge Deck Paint     $45.00+S&H  Item # 10061 Z Bracket  Painted          $45.00+S&H

​                   2 Stainless Steel Z Brkts $90.00S&H

Item # 10049 G Gauge Stainless Deck  $90.00+S&H

Photo #1  Single O Bridge good for 1    O Gauge or S Gauge train, or for two HO trains.  The length is 18" and 5" wide and 5" inside Height from deck to top clearance.  

Item# 100035              Cost $70.00+S&H 

Contact Chris at: e-mail: phone: (863) 207-2638 fax: (863) 324 1276 address: 274 Hernando Road Winter Haven, FL 33884 We show a link to North American hobby Shop Products--

Photo #6  A & B The DrawBridge​ is made of a tower and an 18" bridge comes with or without a motor.  Drawbridges longer than 18" are available but without motors.

Item # 10051 Drawbridge                 $335.00+S&H

            With Motor                              $335.00+S&H

Photo #1 Single O Gauge Bridge

Photo #4  G or Standard Gauge bridge.  6 inches wide and 9 inches high, 18" Long.   Available in Painted or Powder coated, and in Stainless Steel (shown a 36" Bridge double bridge as shown ​$360.00+S&H. )  Purchase separately cost is  $360.00.  Savings of $75 for every additional Bridge purchased on  the same order)

These Bridges are Laser cut and are tumbled to remove burrs  they are cut from 18 gauge S/Steel.  The top is now a Extended St. Andrew's Cross

These bridges can be bolted together to make 54" , 72",  or 90" and beyond lengths. 

Item #10044 Painted G Standard  Gauge (18" long)

                                                               $150.00 +S&H

​Item # 10048  Stainless Steel           $180.00 +S&H

​10048 P  Painted Stainless Steel     $210.00 +S&H

(Shown is a 4  long not a 2 wide and 2 long)

Photo 7 A & B 72" Open Deck Bridge

Photo  # 2   Four (4) O Bridges end to end 72" total.  can be also used as Double Long and Double Wide at        36'' x 10".  Price for either four bridge set is $280 ( includes 3 extra decks and 6 L brackets for the top straps no charge $120 value)                                    $280.00+S&H

Photo #4 36" G/Standard  Gauge Bridge

Photo #5 and Link to Video L Bridge 36' x 72" size

The Decks of our bridges are 24 gauge steel and the side struts are 18 gauge flat wire. (The flat wire is what you would expect, wire is milled flat top and bottom and the side stays round.) This way the edges are easier on the little hands and our hands too! The decks of the bridges are pre-punched that by turning the extra deck over two 18" decks can be joined into a 36" deck or longer (see the 2nd and 3rd photos on this page) the longest in the industry! For really long, think about the 54" or the 72" bridges or longer. They can also be bolted for two and three track bridges. Our new G and Standard gauge bridges are designed for the G and Standard Gauge trains 6 inches wide and 9 inches of inside height. We offer these in painted, or even stainless steel for outside use!!! The advantage of the paint is that the colors can be changed as desired. (Stainless is not to be painted and will develop a gray-pewter coat in the garden.) These bridges are sheared Stainless Steel on the base and top rails. A de-burring service is available for those who may ask for it. The service is done before the various pieces are bent or welded.

Photo # 2  72" Long O Bridge, Single Track

Photo 8 A, B, & C Double Track 54" G  Bridge ( shown in Stainless Steel)

Photo # 3 Double Long 36" O Gauge Bridge

Photos 6 A & B Drawbridge

See our Drawbridge work on our home Page (last item Drawbridge)

American Made Steel Bridges, Inc.

​Product Page

Photo # 3 The Double long Bridge 36" long and looks like a single bridge with the 2 top straps installed(Available with Z Brackets  for smooth bottom)

Item # 10036 Double Bridge 36" long( Cost if separately purchased is $175.00)

Colors Red ,Gray or Black                         $140.00 + S&H

Photo # 7 A&B Towers and Decks Are show for different uses of the decks and the towers.  it shows 2 O Guage tracks on a single G Gauge Deck and or a single G or Standard Gauge track. can be mated with the L Bridge Curved Bridges

Price for items in Photos A &B as shown                                                   $340.00 +S&H

Item # 10056 Tower            2@ $70 $140.00+S&H

Item # 10053 G Deck paint  7 @ $45 $315.00+S&H

Item 10059 Trestles (see  photo5)1@$30.00+S&H                                                             S/S $45.00+S&H

​(Shown on Video and Photo #5) 

10049   Stainless Decks     1@ $90.00+S&H

Item # 10055 Stainless Steel Tower $90.00+S&H



Photos 8 A,B, & C

These  photos shows the G Bridge as a double track O Gauge bridge.  There are 6 inches of width and the ability to handle 2 tracks and two cars.

​We show the  side view and the overhead view.  the last photo (8 C ) shows the tracks without cars and with Z brackets. Price as shown with 2 extra decks to allow the cars to clear the curves is Stainless Steel,$300.00 +S&H,                                 S/S Painted      $390.00 +S&H (not shown)

Item# 10044 Painted G Bridge 18"   $150.00 +S&H

​Item# 10048 S/Steel 18"Bridge         $180.00+S&H

​ ​Item# 10049 S/Steel     Deck 18"        $90.00+S&H

​Item# 10053 Painted Steel Deck 18"  $45.00+S&H

​Item# 10061    Z(2)Bracket Paint          $30.00+S&H

   Stainless Z Bracket ()                          $45.00+S&H

    (2 Stainless Z Brackets Are $90 same as Deck)